I am a Spanish architect designer, researcher, and educator based in Berlin. For seven years I worked as a project architect at June14 Meyer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff and Sam Chermayeff Office developing furniture, interiors, and buildings such as the housing building Kurfürstenstraße 142. I have taught at DIA Dessau, ETH Zürich, and TU Berlin, where I currently work as a teaching and research associate. Since 2019, I am an external doctoral candidate at HCU Hamburg, a participant in the PEP Practice-Based Doctorate Program at TU Berlin, and a member of the CA2RE Community for Artistic and Architectural Research. My design-driven doctoral research “ROOMS, THINGS, BODIES” is an exploration of the liminal state of objects between the space of the room and the space of the body for accommodating contemporary living forms in existing dwelling – at a time when there are fewer reasons to build and more to make better use and enjoyment of what we already have. The proposal aims to develop an object-based conceptual and methodological design tool for identifying and consolidating the personal experience of inhabitation, so it can be celebrated and shared.