Co-curator of the exhibit Housing the Non-Human for Co-habitation by ARCH+ in silent green Kulturquartier Berlin on 5. June to 4. July 2021. It includes a selection of students’ projects developed at that explore human-animal relations in architecture.
Co-host of the city-exploration Quarantine and Biotopes by ARCH+ on the area of of the Teltow Canal in Berlin on 20. August 2021. It investigates the borders of its variety of natural and artificial biotopes: from the Schlosspark Lichterfelde –a closed natural reserve– to the Mäusebunker –once the largest animal testing facility in Europe.

Organizing team member and scientific monitoring staff at CA²RE I CA²RE+ Conference for Artistic and Architectural Doctoral Research - Hamburg 2021 online at HafenCity Hamburg on 24.-28. March 2021. It brings together senior and early-career researchers with diverse, open approaches to artistic and architectural research to improve research quality through intensive peer reviewing.

Organizing team member of the 6th Parity Talks by the Parity Group at ETH Zürich on 10. Mach 2021. The question WHAT’S GOOD? is the departure point for a season of digital events across the five institutions, propelling further debates on gender, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Paper author of the book COMPARISON: Conference for Artistic and Architectural Research, Book of Proceedings published on March 2021. The book of proceedings of the CA²RE Ghent Conference on 28.-30. October 2020 includes the intermediate stage of my dissertation proposal.
Co-author of the project Sant’ Erasmo 2038 for the Parallel Research Program of The Netherlands' Contribution to the 17th Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2020-21, published on the book Values for Survival, The Venice Exploratorium: Cahier 2 on December 2020. More than 50 artists, scientists, designers and activists worked together online during lockdown in spring and summer of this year. We never met before and could not meet, yet collaborated focusing on the social and ecological challenges of different sites in the island.
Co-host of the workshop TABLE MANNERS of the 5th Parity Talks by the Parity Group at ETH Zürich on 7. October 2020. It challenges the unquestioned rules of the crit within architectural pedagogy and examined the specific physical, political and emotional spaces they create.
Paper author of the book CA²RE Ghent Proceedings: Conference for Artistic and Architectural Research published on September 2020. The book of proceedings of the CA²RE Ghent Conference on 2.-7. October 2019 includes the early stage of my dissertation proposal.
Participant at the series 3 BOOKS by screened at the Copenhagen Architectural Festival on 23. April - 3. May 2020. The 3 books, in this case, are connected through the notion of co-habitation: with a lover, with a relative or with your worse enemy.
Co-author of the exhibit Lorza for WORKS+WORDS Biennale for Artistic Research in Architecture at KADK in Copenhagen in 2019, published in its catalogue WORKS + WORDS BIENNALE on November 2019. The biennale presents contemporary European artistic research in architecture, which develops new ground within the field of architecture and combines the making of works with reflections in words.
Paper author for the book CA²RE Berlin Proceedings: Conference for Artistic and Architectural (Doctoral) Research published on May 2019. The book of proceedings of the CA²RE Berlin Conference on 28. September - 1. October 2018 includes the preliminary work for my disertation application.
Speaker at the Master Seminar Strategien für nachhaltiges Plan und Bauen at the Chair of Prof. Claus Steffan at TU Berlin on 11. December 2018, depicting the design strategies of Kurfurstenstraße 142, a housing building designed for and with June14.
Speaker at the thematic dinner Stammtisch - Weekly Conversation Around The Kitchen Table for Designing Around The Kitchen Table by UdK Berlin at Floating University Berlin on 23. May 2018, talking about kitchens designed for and with Sam Chermayeff Office.
Speaker at the Workshop C – Generic Objects by NO-IMAGE at TU Berlin on 1. October 2017, in conversation with Niklas Fanelsa about (non)generic objects designed for and with June14 and Sam Chermayeff Office.

Speaker at Bikini Talks by the Chair of Prof. Jacob van Rijs at TU Berlin on 6. July 2017, unfolding the stategies of narration of diverse architectural projects developed collaboratively during the last years.
Speaker at Roundtalks by ROUNDABOUT at TU Berlin on 1. June 2017, presenting various objects and other creatures designed for and with June14 and Sam Chermayeff Office.
Collaborator on the book Architecture: Rites and Rythms published on April 2014. The book compiles four decades of teaching practice by Prof. Joaquin Arnau Amo, centered on inhabitation rites and material and formal rythms that tune with life: “Through its rhythm, architecture stages the ritual of inhabitation”.
Speaker at the opening workshop of the academic year at UCLM Albacete The empire of the ephemeral for the Contemporary Culture Conference CROMA on 17.-18. October of 2013, exploring the potential of ephemeral interventions to solve complex architectural problems.